LeadBird has been the best way to grow our business. We've 4x qualified prospects in just a few weeks.
Monika Bisha
CEO & Co Founder

About The Company --

Designless is a creative studio based out of Los Angeles, California dedicated to providing high quality content at low cost to small and medium sized businesses.

The Goal --

  • Book qualified meeting with small and medium sized businesses in the nation
  • Help better understand what leads to prospect

The Challenge --

  • Find a way to stand out from the crowd and get people to book meetings with individuals

The Results --

  • 15 Qualified Leads Per Week
  • 10 New Clients Signed Per Week
  • 431% Increase In Leads
  • 140% Increase In Revenue
  • 1400 New Connections On LinkedIn

Our successful stories
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We are getting 5 qualified leads PER WEEK through LeadBird's incredible team.

Moria Kardian
Engineer & Co Founder
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“Everyone on the team is so knowledgable. We were struggling before, but since signing have increased our leads 10x.”

Monika Troy
Manager & Co Founder
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“As a startup we managed to triple our leads in 3 months.”

Nora Johans
Sales & Co Founder
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“We made back every penny spent with them in just a month.”

Emanuel France
CEO & Co Founder
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