E-mail marketing- how to increase email open rates

Saturday, May 23, 2020

E-mail Marketing: How To Increase Email Open Rates

Email marketing can be extremely effective and profitable if done correctly. For one, you are sending your offers to an already warm audience that’s interested in your brand and product, and have requested email communication from your business. Email marketing also offers you a way to directly reach your customers where you’re sure to find them daily – their inbox. The success of your marketing campaign can fall heavily on your email open rate, which is why we’re discussing the best ways that you can increase it. Here’s how to improve your open rates for your next email marketing campaign. 

1. Maintain Your List

It’s easy to become a bit of a hoarder when it comes to email subscribers, but you should actually be clearing your list of inactive users. An inactive user is essentially anyone who hasn’t engaged with your emails for the past 6 months or longer. You can try to send out one last email as an effort to recapture their attention, but if that fails, be prepared to let them go. Think quality versus quantity and you’ll enjoy higher open rates on your next campaign. 

2. Segment Your List

Keeping your list fresh is one thing, but you should also try to keep it tidy. You do this by segmenting your list into customers that share similarities, which makes it easier to target your campaigns more effectively. If you know that you’re talking to a group of college graduates, for example, you can adapt a tone and the right content to match this demographic. This makes it more likely they’ll be interested and open your email. 

3. Put Out Quality Content

This brings us to the next point: your content should bring unique value to your audience without fail, otherwise you risk losing their trust and interest. Put effort into creating quality content that caters to your email subscribers (or segment of them) and they’ll soon view you as a trusted source for information. 

4. Focus On The Subject Line

Your subject line is the first (and sometimes only) thing that your audience will see of your message, so make sure to make it a good one. You want the subject to draw the reader in without sounding like a pitch. Don’t be afraid to use humor and be personable – nobody wants to read an email from a company. Using numbers in the subject line is also shown to increase the open rate of your emails. 

5. Avoid The Span Filter

Your audience cannot open what they don’t see, and terms such as “Free,” “Giveaway,” “Sale,” or any subject with obnoxious capitalization are red flags that can end your e-email in the spam filter. Avoid this fate by making your campaign sound and look like personal communication rather than a promotion. You should also try to make the sender of the email sound like a person from your company and not the company itself. 

6. Write To One Person

Reading a mass email feels boring. To avoid sounding general and un-relatable, try to write your copy as if you were addressing a single person. This will make your email more concrete, engaging and targeted. Whenever possible, use your reader’s name to make the message sound even more personal. 

7. Write Like A (Friendly) Human

Again, there’s nothing that turns an audience off faster than a message delivered from a stiff, corporate façade. Be human and write as if you were writing to a friend. You’ll get much further than you would with a strictly business approach. After all, an inbox is a personal space and your message and tone should be as well. 

8. Make Your Email Mobile Friendly

If your emails aren’t optimized for mobile devices, you’re losing out on a potentially huge number of your readers who access their email through their phone. If you want to grow your open rate, make your emails readable on any and every device your audience might choose. 

9. Find The Right Time

While there have been many studies attempting to find the “golden hour” for sending emails, it will most likely vary with each audience and company. Some claim that it’s the weekend, while others maintain it’s the weekdays. That’s why it is so important to do your own testing and research when finding the best time to send to your email list. 

10. Do A/B Testing

Running A/B tests can be a great way to craft truly successful email campaigns. That’s because even if you have a great understanding of your audience, you cannot always predict how each element of your email will perform. To find the right combination that results in an optimal open rate, you must test your subject, copy and sending times; then simply keep the parts that work, and change those that didn’t. 

Your email list can be a highly valuable, and highly converting audience with the right marketing approach. So make sure to maximize on your chances and follow our tips for raising your email open rate. Be consistent and test each part of your strategy; before you know it, you’ll increase your open rates and build a valuable communication bridge between your business and its key audience. 

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