9 ways to deal social media ads during Corona

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Facebook and Instagram to Limit Coronavirus Misinformation. Try not to benefit your brand from the virus. High Social Responsibility will affect your business in the long-term even after corona-virus. The risk of a negative brand association is far greater than the upside of a positive brand association. If you don’t have anything to contribute to the conversation, stay quiet. 

Do the right thing. Find out how to be helpful during the hard times. Offer discounts, consider giving away your products to those in need. For example, if you are RedBull help doctors who work 24/7 do their job well and give them free RedBulls. Share photos on your soc. media

Find the correct tone of voice. Try not to evoke panic. Stay calm.

Be aware of changes in customer behavior. Everything goes online and try to offer your customers improved online customer services and a better online user experience. 

Change your sales strategy to increasing brand awareness and top of mind. Many social ads are seeing a decline in performance metrics this week. Consumers are just not buying as much stuff. Outside of groceries and Purell. You may need to decrease some of your ad spend right now. Especially ads focused on performance/conversion. Consider putting resources into marketing that increases your brand awareness and keeps you top of mind over the next few months.

 Focus on adjusting positive social listening of your brand. Activate your internal spokespeople to communicate important messages

 Be prepared if your product is a high-demand product during crisis. You might get lot of social media comments, direct messages. Be prepared, hire more soc media managers. Be available 24/7. 

invest time and resources in high-level strategic PR and marketing activities. As marketers often say that we wish we had extra hours and if only we had more time. Well, now we do. Let’s spend this time as effectively as possible for clients to get the most value from our services.

Act as a Corporate social responsibility initiative. Giveaway free branded hand-sanitizers, or N95 masks. I know it is in deficit but you can still produce it at home. Encourage people to stay home, if you are streamlining service offer premium packages for free. For example, in Italy Pornhub offers its premium service for free to encourage people stay home and not get bored :) Also in Italy there is a massive campaign #Istayhome that can be leveraged by brands. 

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