Eight Tested and Effective Ways to Keep Your Customers Engaged on Social Media

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Eight Tested and Effective Ways to Keep Your Customers Engaged on Social Media

Social media platforms serve as a significant channel in which businesses can generate leads and enhance brand familiarity to reach various communities. For many businesses, social media customer service and overall social media presence is the first impression a potential lead will experience. 

Despite the emphasis on customer service, businesses and brand personnel are consistently missing the mark on delivering quality service to potential leads.  Surveys have shown that 7 out of 8 messages sent to brands/social media businesses that require a response often go unattended to.  When potential leads travel to your social media brand platform or business social media page, they usually have questions or concerns regarding your product or service. They also observe how the person behind the brand or business responds to other customer questions. 

A poor customer impression can quickly spread to customers and potential leads, which could potentially lead to a strong decline of interested, engaged customers on the brand or business social media platform page. The key to maintaining a high customer satisfaction rate is keeping customers and potential leads engaged through proper social media management. There are several proven methods to guarantee customer engagement on social media. 

1. Quality content 

Your content accounts for one of the main components customers look through to get their first impression. All content should be accurate and well written with no grammatical or spelling errors.

2. Respond to inquiries and comments in a timely manner

Some comments do not require a response. However, when it comes to your social media accounts, consider the majority of messages you receive as messages that do require a response. Accordingly, customers expect to be responded to in a timely fashion. If customers are having to message several times to get their answer to the same question, that is going to reflect badly to potential leads. 

3. Social media management tools show you conversations

As previously stated, customers expect to be attended to in a timely manner. If you are noticing that you are becoming overwhelmed with making sure you are answering all of your customers’ questions, it may be time for you to invest in a social media conversation management tool. 

4. Ask questions to your customers 

If you are wondering what sort of new content your customers are seeking from you, or simply want to get to know your customer audience better, ask questions! Questions are an excellent proven method of getting customers’ opinion and provides an opportunity to share their opinion to be heard by others. 

Questions can be proposed best through Internet surveys or interactive personality tests. Questions such as these lead customers to think through their beliefs before answering. 

5. Incentives 

Incentives can occur in the forms of a giveaway of a product or services, or a contest in which the winner receives a product or service. In exchange for the product or service, provide instructions in the content on how to enter the giveaway or contest. Common instructions may include to follow particular pages, or to provide particular information as a comment. 

6. Offer 

Offering a product or service associated with your brand at a discounted rate, for free of charge, or with free shipping may be the oldest proven way to engage customers. Customers will find such offers appealing and encourage potential leads to take advantage of the offer.

7. Monitor your response rate 

As previously stated, when customers inquire or ask a particular question regarding your business or service, they expect to receive a timely response. Surveys have shown that 75% of customers utilizing social media for customer service expect a response within one hour at maximum. 

If your brand or social media business page response rate is not meeting this statistic, you should strongly consider adding members of your team (such as sales, management, or administrative clerks) to social media so that more customer inquiries are being responded to in an orderly fashion.

8. Set up a FAQ page

Keep record of customer questions that are asked more often than others and develop sound responses for each of them. After reviewing the questions and answers with the business team and making the appropriate edits, solidify the page as an internal reference source.

Engaging with your business or brand’s social media following creates a pleasant customer experience. These instructions help ensure potential leads and customers enjoy a pleasant customer experience while on your business or brand’s social media platform account. Ultimately, the goal of these instructions and pleasant social media experiences is to increase social media customer engagement. 

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