Let us make connections faster, scale leads, and boost your revenue - 100% done for you.

We can access the broadest possible community of professionals, and target them with precision - something you can’t do one other social platforms!

Data Driven LinkedIn Targeting & Copywriting

Optimize and Drive Real Connections

Leadbird’s lead generation tools will fit your needs. Due to the combination of various engagement features, it can be used by startups to attract investors or sales teams.

Optimize and Drive More Real Connection

We will enable you to connect with your ideal customer in a meaningful, professional & highly effective way. Build long-term connections that turn into customers from day one.

Leverage Insights

Leadbird uses data coupled with specific actions based on your business’s needs to find you fresh untapped leads so you can make more profits. Overall, our goal is to help new business owners get the most out of our curated network.

How it works


Schedule A Consultation

It’s all about YOU ! This is where we can align ourselves with your business's vision + goals! You will be introduced to your dedicated account executive that will stick with you throughout the entirety of the process.

Filter Your Ideal Customers

The research we collect during the consultation will help us strategize the level of engagement you want to initiate. We will then develop a personalized plan to create a targeted search for your ideal customers!

Sit Back & Enjoy Your Leads

Once you launch your Leadbird campaign, you can expect results all generated on auto-pilot, filling your LinkedIn inbox with your ideal prospects. You won’t ever miss out on another opportunity.

Why Us

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10X your LinkedIn sales outreach, productivity, and results

The power of a dedicated LinkedIn SDR at an affordable cost. Our job is to increase your productivity and return on investment while generating you qualified leads.

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